Dive into the sea of intimacy

The Exhibition

Over 60 Italian and international institutions involved, 50 researchers: a 2000 square meters exhibition telling the extraordinary stories of the women and men who crossed the Adriatic sea throughout history. For the first time visitors are given the opportunity to see wrecks, works of art, everyday objects, goods and onboard equipment under the same roof: roughly a thousand relics from underwater fields on loan for the occasion from museums all over Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro.

The Salone degli Incanti location in Trieste has been turned into a waterworld where cultural and commercial exchanges, the dynamic coastal landscapes, the stories of the men and women who crossed this intimate sea unfold before the eyes of the onlooker.
Through the eyes of underwater archaeology, visitors will be ideally sail across the Adriatic to discover routes and crossings, waterways all along which a shared language, a community and a strong shared identity have developed.

The tales the sea has guarded within its depths or lightly touched along the shores have been singled out: ancient coastal landscapes, settlements, harbours and docks, shipwrecks, port waste-disposals, relics devoid of context. In order to reach the Adriatic maritime space in search of ships and ghost harbours engulfed by dryland, we even travelled upriver and reached the swamps.

The result of a number of research projects, shared missions and extremely successful joint ventures, the exhibition is a research project in itself aiming at putting the future of underwater heritage and archaeology in Italy today under the spotlight.