Your journey starts here


Underwater archaeology finds, 3D reconstructions, contemporary art and narrations in a complex and fascinating setting: from a port of our times, the story of a Salento Odyssey gets started, discovering the many stories that make the history of this land of landings and transits, of contacts and cross-fertilizations.

The shape and position of the Salento make it a pier that detaches from the peninsula and extends out into the heart of the Mediterranean, a landing place for all people. The port yesterday and the airport today are the access gates to the communities and landscapes, invaluable riches of this region. The story we try to tell is the ancient history of the Salento region, of its indissoluble relationship with the sea, of its being a landing place for all people and a gateway to Italy..

We tell this story in a new way and in a new place, in the heart of a millenary land that from the sea, sal, got its name, and on the sea made a pact of friendship.

Every story needs a storyteller. We have chosen the sea as our narrating voice because it is the absolute leading character of this land that was ” seen ” by the eyes of those who went by sea – from Aeneas to the Albanians of the ship Vlora – as the gateway to Italy, as a promise of a pact of intimacy, close familiarity and warm hospitality sealed in the name of the sea. Today, it is archaeology, or rather, the entire history of the Salento water landscapes, that retraces the maritime routes and the continuous, fruitful relations between men and these shores with the help of underwater research on its many submerged sites.

The sea provides us with a real gateway to the history, archaeology and to the sites of culture, the land, the environmental resources and the landscape of the Salento, during a journey that has a “before” and an “after”.

A ” before ” because this journey is a continuation of the story that started in Trieste with the exhibition “In the sea of intimacy. Underwater archaeology tells the story of the Adriatic”. One year later, we retrace the vertical routes of the Adriatic, sailing south, to reach the coasts of the Salento region, where this sea touches and merges into another sea, the Ionian Sea.

But there is also an “after”: the story begins by the greeting of the sea and an invitation. The exhibition is just the beginning of a journey, which continues ideally and materially in the region and in the Museums of the Salento (Taranto, Brindisi, Lecce, Nardò, Gallipoli, Carovigno, Torre Guaceto, Porto Cesareo, Rocavecchia and others), where there are sites and objects that tell the story of this land and of its indissoluble relationship with the sea.

To start, all you need to do is dive in and go under the surface of the water, where time does not exist.
Let the journey start..